About Anemoona
The wonderous jewels of Anemoona guide you into the realms of fairytales. They are made by Macrame technique and encloses gems and minerals. Each piece is unique, hand-crafted and dreamt into this world with love and mirth. You may choose one from the already finished works or feel free to contact me if you have your own idea. I invite you to dream your imagination into this world together. Go forth and shine!
''Should someone ask me whom do I wish to live with I would respond: With the White Anemona girl. If I glanced at her I would forget all but her, the magical, cool waters of Léthé would glance back at me from her gaze, her touch would be like silk and she should be taken as good care of as white velvet. Jung calls the woman who is carried in the man's heart from his birth and who he loves with ever-lasting love Anima. Anima and Anemona. Soul-flower. Merriness-flower. The flower of the immortal virgin.'' Hamvas Béla

If you wish to contact me or you are curious to my other works you may reach me here: